Summer is a state of mind.

Cannabis-Infused Frozen Treats

High-Pops turn anytime into summertime. Every pop contains 5mg of THC and a whole lotta fun. So tear into one of our four fruity flavors and elevate your chill.

Made With Natural Flavors & 48 Calories Per Pop

Elevate Your Chill

With our advanced nano-emulsion technology, 5mg of THC goes a lot further than you’d expect, so it is always best to start slow if this is your first High-Pop.

For the best experience, freeze High-Pops overnight. High-Pops can be enjoyed on their own, or blended into other frozen beverages. 


“Super tasty and got me really surprisingly high for 5mg” @Denversdabs via Weedmaps

“My husband and I absolutely LOVED them! you guys really developed some incredilble flavors…” @jutahmeucci

“They are bomb! had some for breakfast…” @dabbingjojo21

“Great taste n flavors. Great for micro dosage” @budwyzsirr

“Im a huge fan! I eat a High-Pop almost every night as an after dinner snack” @indica.ellie

“At only 48 calories per pop, you won’t have to feel guilty after devouring one of these.”


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